Thursday, December 28, 2017

Join the waitlist! Airport Security: Effectiveness of Legislative Policy launches January 8, 2018!

Hey Community!
I’m so excited to announce that I’m about to launch a new online course called Airport Security: Effectiveness Legislative Policy at Interactive Intelligence Corporation University! This course will teach you all about to demonstrate the development of skills and knowledge to increase awareness of airport security, threat assessment, and a readiness plan using technology, theory, and systems that will enhance the safety of their area of responsibility and create an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of airport security legislation policies in order for airport and airline employees to protect the traveling public. This course will go live on January 8, 2018, so stay tuned! But in the meantime, join the course waitlist and get a special discount! Learn More here:
Happy Holidays!
Dr. Stacey L. Tyler
Chief Executive Officer
Interactive Intelligence Corporation
p: 859-653-4795